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Sunday, March 1, 2009

ape yg hilang yek..

mood : cam bosn

status : rase cam ade smthng missing..but not sure wat is it..

currently listening to : paramore - that's wat u get
the killers - human

body :

"close ur eyes..clear ur heart...
come to call....
are we human.. or are we dancers.."

that's a cut from the killers..haha..

haa.. slps brpe lame x bleh bukk kom.. cam kne grounded siott...
exam year nie mmg payah btol laa..lagi2 last year skul en.. huhu..
i wonder how student yg spm uh through out 1 whole year..hahaha..

urgghhh ! i think i having the mid-life crisis lahh..
everthing seems not going well..
sume bnde x kne.. aiyoh. pning laa nk memikir nyer..
xkn pasl PK1 kot.. haha. x pena2 aku kesa pasl ujian...

hurrm.. what could possibly go wrongg... hahha..
*sigh* wat 2 do next.. hw tu as usual la.. haha..

O god, most merciful.. plezz give me ur taufik n hidayat..
come 2 heart.. bring ur peace n calmness.. amiin..


s.h.s said...

xpe..bgsla da ade perasaan risau,,.
gud luck tau...
n pray for me for the upcoming results..
next week woo0...doa3

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