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Thursday, September 9, 2010

da smpi di penghujung..

semoga allah pertemukan kite lagi di thn yg mndtg..
perasaan rindu bakal mlnde..xsame rasenyer di bln2 yg laen..

* * *
haihh.. thn ni pnye trget xdpt capai lagi.. perfect 20 kempunen..
ade jer hlngn yg muncul kt tgh2 tuh. ade la bbrpe hari xckp..huhu.
to any1 who alwez vistng my blog so sorry u guys.
my campus life pretty tough tho. i need sum inspiration 2 write..
but wat to do.. so many things to do with so little time..
well it's approx. ermm...almost 4 months i hvnt write anything ! LOL
1stly bajet for around 1 month jer. then nk start to write back.
tgk2...... haha.. not moving an inch ! haiyaa. so this time in home.
i try to update regularly..

* * *

aaannnddd.. berdendang lah lagu2 raye di mane2.. ya allah.. kjp jer rase..
eventough 30 days are given..im still not satisfied with my attitude..
well ramdhan is the month to tarbiyah diri rite.. but did i do..
not even a slight change i see in my self..well..definitely a failure for me..
"bargsiape yg hari ini lbh baik dr semlm..maka die adalah org yg berjaya.
bargsiape yg hari ini sme dgn semlm..maka die adlh org yg gagal.
bargsiape yg yg hari ini nyer lbh teruk dr semlm..maka die adlh org yg celaka".
(lbh kurg mksdnye.kalo slh sile2 la tegur)
drpd ape yg tertulis tu.. let us measure ourself..
at wat lvl are we on rite now.. well.im going to stop here..
even the time are already late..so. lets pray with istiqamah..
shall we meet with ramadhan next year insya allah..
if any1 wants to make open house dun 4get to invite me ! haha
last but not least.. i wish hppy eid mubarak to all of u who visit here..
and read dis article...
msjd shah alam uhh.. haha.. da lame x singgah. xD


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